[Official MV] Forever Alone – JustaTee

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    [Official MV] Forever Alone – JustaTee

    Posted by justateemusic on March 26, 2013 at 3:41 am


    Forever…forever Forever alone , forever… forever just wait A smile always reveal ♪ the world still spinning ♪ And I still here put my hand on the blue sky Keeping in my litte world Around all the passions but there only me in the night hearing a song about

    About a boring love story ♪ wandering alone is still fine ♪ ♪ I’m was to familiar with it ♪ ♪Love another person♪ ♪ Not sure that i be better or just make me ♪ ♪have a headache, then I just be♪ FOREVER FOREVER Then i just…♪ forever alone…. Then i just be lonely ♪♪

    ♪♪ FOREVER ♪♪ ♪Alone alone alone alone …♪ ♪ FOREVER ♪ ♫ forever ♫ ♪Another love come For awhile then gone♪ ♫ the pain just bigger everyday make me not believing in anything that ♫ ♪ forever happen♪ ☻ it only happened in a movie ♫ So please dont believe about a love story

    With 2 golden hearts 😀 ♫ It still fine when you wandering alone ♫ ♪ I have familiar with it ♪ being a lonely guy♪ ♪ Love another one ♪ ♪ Not sure that I’m gonna be better or it just gonna bring me a headache ?♪ ♪ then i just…forever, forever

    ♪then i just be alone♪ ♪ Outside lovers sharing their ♪ ♪happiness,sadness together♪ ♪I’m sit here and just sing for myself about my feelings♪ ♪ stop walking on a long road but I have no one to remember♪

    ♪then i knew what my happiness really is..♪ to go to every places i can♪ East,west,south,north (I go) (repeating the same things) ♪♪

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